We design unique living spaces that meet user “ needs and carry aesthetic values

In this issue of our magazine, we examined the Royal Plaza project of Özahi Design, which makes a difference with its original and aesthetic space designs for different purposes. We visited the sophisticated offices, stylish, and useful meeting rooms and entertainment center in Royal Plaza, which is also the head office of Cyprus Royal Tourism and the FLY Cyprus Airline in Nicosia. 

Özahi Design, which was founded in 2017 by the interior architect couple Merve and Mustafa Özahi, provides design and application services for store, office, clinic and garden landscape projects. In Royal Plaza, which is also one of these projects, a perfect office environment has been created with its large and spacious areas. The project, which includes management offices, meeting rooms, a hobby room and open work areas where 110 people can work, consists of 5 floors.

Merve Özahi, who stated that they met with the directors and employees during the initial stages of the project and analyzed all their needs, said that they designed the project with a design language suitable for the corporate identity of the company. She added that beech wood, gray, black and marble materials are used throughout the office.

A magnificent, inviting lobby was built in the middle of the ground floor of the building, which was designed as the headquarters. At the back of the lobby, an oval form was created with steel ropes and brightened from the floor and ceiling by LED light. The space was made more defined by using the same form of carpet on the floor of the lobby information area. 

After the lobby, the Atatürk meeting room, which has a very dynamic design, draws attention. “Considering the technological developments, the expectations and needs of the changing young generation employees, we designed this place as a meeting space where the employees will feel more comfortable and free, unlike the usual meeting rooms. We used different wooden codes in the space, put cushions on the steps, and created a warm concept. Employees who want to change places during the day or have online meetings love this place.” 

“While designing a space, we consider even the smallest details as a whole and take care to reflect the general concept to all areas and to be original. When you think of tourism, vacation comes to mind. Considering everything that evokes a holiday, we placed two showcases at the entrance of the building. We designed a showcase with real sea sand, sun loungers, umbrellas and suitcases based on the keywords that evoke holiday here.”

Visitors of the building are greeted by a magnificent lobby located at the entrance, which also serves as a separating design element between the offices. It is seen that a complementary effect is created by using similar forms on both the floor and the back of the lobby.

“The Rauf Denktaş meeting room was designed as a VIP place where company directors can host their guests. Beech wood was used on all the walls and the TV wall was covered with black fuga wood and marble. The meeting table was designed in a triangle-like form following the company’s 3 directors, with 3 director’s chairs positioned side by side.

We designed the hobby room for Cyprus Royal Tourism as a social area where people can socialize and have a pleasant time. In this room, there is a gym and fitness area with various sports equipment, billiards, darts, musical instruments, TV, and a bar section.

We preferred a more prestigious design in the directors’ rooms. We have included black color and golden details in all furniture and wall coverings. We delivered the project in a total of 15 days, including the office design and implementation process.”