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Overview of the event

Celebrating The 6th Year and Awarding The Outstanding Performance In The TRNC Property Industry.

Since 2007, Propertync Magazine, the first and only property magazine in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has been organizing the Property Awards every two years. With years of experience and commitment, the Propertync Magazine is doing something that is unprecedented on the island.

‘Propertync Awards’ are open to all companies that have contributed to the Construction and Estate sector in North Cyprus, such as, Developers, Builders, Contractors, Estate Agents, Interior Designers, Architects and many more. They celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real-estate industry. A Propertync Award is undoubtedly a mark of excellence.

The aim of the Awards is not only to show appreciation to everyone that has made a difference and contributed to the development in North Cyprus, but also to encourage these people to achieve awareness of quality, materials and work ethics used by the building sector. Municipalities in T.R.N.C. are also awarded for their outstanding projects. We aim to award those who really try to make a difference in the cities they work and motivate others so that all municipalities can do their best for a greener, better Cyprus.

  • Overview of the event

Propertync Awards are open to all Property Developers, Builders, Estate Agents, Interior Designers and Architects in North Cyprus. Properties under development can be entered at any stage of construction provided planning approval has been granted.



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Benefits of attending the Event

By applying to be an award winner, you will have stepped into the world of numerous opportunities for your company.


The Propertync Awards gala and networking events allow individuals in the real estate sector to interact with each other and establish business relationships for a better future in a professional atmosphere.


Propertync Awards will be promoting the AWARDS throughout the media before and after the presentations. We will be happy to work with you on producing press releases for your company to help promote your success in the awards.


Your ‘Awards’ logo can be used on all your company marketing materials. Particularly innovative ideas have included branding on company vehicles, a projection on the side of buildings,and posters that cover hoardings at new developments.


The Propertync Award winners will be able to feature their ‘Award’ prominently on their company website. Mutual links could be set up between the Propertyncwebsite and your Company Website.


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