Mebership Rules Terms And Conditions

a. All advertisers must be sure that all the content and details given are accurate. They also must have the legal permission to advertise said properties or products.  Clients are responsible for all information and content in their own advert.
b. Clients can only display one advert for each property. If the advert for a property is repeated, it will be deleted by the Propertync website administrator.
c. All photos that takes place on the adverts must belong to the property being advertised. Any logos or photos that may have the logo within it will be erased by the Propertync
website administrator.
d. All titles and any content that takes place in the advert, must be for the advertised property.
e. Any property that has been sold, rented or for any reason is no longer on the market, must be disabled by the advertising member. 
f. If any member does not respect and abide by these given rules will lose the right to advertise and all their given content will be immediately deleted off the website. The membership agreement will be cancelled.