Two projects intertwined with nature from Şifa Construction

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Şifa Construction Builds Residential and Commercial Properties That Add Value to North Cyprus with High Customer Satisfaction

Şifa Construction, one of the most well-known companies on our island, has been serving in the construction and real estate sectors with high customer satisfaction since its establishment. Şifa Construction, which builds residences and workplaces that create value to Northern Cyprus with its build-sell contracting and contracting services, also produces innovative solutions in all processes after the sale of the real estate with real estate consultancy and after-sales services.

In this issue, we will examine the projects that are under construction by Şifa Construction, which has accomplished more than one successful projects in Northern Cyprus.

The Tilia project, named after the small-leaved linden tree, is located right next to the village of Karmi, and designs for you the most comfortable life you can imagine with its different types of villas, from luxury to garden design, from sauna to pool. In order to make you feel the concept of luxury in every aspect of Tilia Villas, from your sauna to its decoration, from your private bathroom to your pantry, it is presented to you in a thoughtful way. In addition, every detail has been thought of to wake you up to cool and fresh mornings in the villas, which are positioned 360 degrees so that you can dominate the magnificent view. Finally, it also provides opportunities for you to design your garden according to your own taste. Let’s examine together the Tilia Luxury Villas project, which offers a peaceful life among flowers and trees with mountain and sea views.

In the Tilia Luxury Villas project, there are four villa types with central heating and solar system infrastructures, which have many features. A, B, and D-type villas have 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, with the same equipment despite having different floor plans. Besides, type D villas have ground and first floors as well as a stair tower. In addition to these villas where you can enjoy the luxury and comfort, together with the basement, E-type private villas, which have a ground floor and stair tower, have 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, unlike the others. E-type villas attract attention with their Turkish bath, sauna, closed storage room, and their own gym.

Lanai Homes 

Lanai Homes, another project of Şifa Construction, is named after tropical sea life. Located on the hill in Esentepe, which has a perfect view, the Lanai Homes project offers both the smell of the sea and the breeze of the mountain. Lanai Homes dazzles with its design, where you can immerse yourself in the magic of the sea as soon as you open your door! You will feel as if you are on vacation every day of your life with the common areas as well as the houses that can be chosen as both a holiday home and a living space. The pool, where you will spend your time fully and pleasantly, has a landscape that contains the beauty of nature, as well as sports and recreation areas. In addition, services such as after-sales maintenance, and repair are offered by administrative affairs and management.

The Lanai Homes project, which consists of different floor types with the same features, consists of 6 blocks and 54 flats.