"Property management can help property owners in sales or rental process"

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We had an interview about property management with the director of TB Property Management, Özgü Bayraktar

First, let’s start with the story of TB Property Management. We have been in the industry in Northern Cyprus since 2014. Our company serves 19 different property owners, more than 190 properties under rental management, and over 360 customers. In addition, we manage the sales department of Tetik-Öztoprak Construction LTD. Our company is committed to providing quality, honest, and reliable services in determining property management and sales strategies.

Can you briefly tell us about your team? 

Our team, consisting of property management experts, is one of the largest in Northern Cyprus. Our properties, which are tracked with a professional accounting program, are regularly paid to the property owners

Can you briefly tell us about property management?

Property management is a concept that enables a real estate professional to manage a property on behalf of the property owner, and to perform all kinds of transactions related to the property. The real estate professional who provides this service for a fee is called a property manager. The goal of a property manager specialized in property management is to make the real estate investment acquired for investment purposes as profitable as possible for the property owner.

Why is property management important? 

Property management can help property owners in the sales or rental process, answer potential buyers or renters’ questions, and assist in the negotiation process. Additionally, property management goes beyond the rental service. Property management is essential as it performs many different tasks related to the management of buildings or sites. First of all, property management helps maintain the value of the property by providing maintenance of the building or site. It plays an important role in fulfilling legal obligations. Property management assists in communication with building or site residents, helping to solve their needs and problems. Furthermore, property management makes it easier for property owners to manage their finances, including collecting dues, paying bills, and tracking other finances related to the building or site.

For all these reasons, property management is essential for building or site management and plays an important role in protecting and increasing the value of the property owner’s investment.

What are the unique features that distinguish TB Property Management from other property management companies?

First of all, we are very selective as a company. We do not have the aim of buying and selling every property. We distribute our product range in a way that does not create competitors for each other and market them according to the strategies planned by our Brand Manager for follow-up.

Can you tell us about your projects?​

Tetik & Öztoprak Construction’s Villa Vega and Villa Capella projects bring a breath of fresh air to the Yenikent region, offering our customers not just ordinary villas, but living spaces where they can meet all their needs. Together with dear Alper Tetik, we followed the whole phase process of these ultra-luxury villas. We have the authority to sell them and, as TB Property, we have developed a sales strategy specific to our potential customers. We have identified locations where we can capture our target audience and have a presence on all social media platforms, billboard advertisements, and other areas where we can reach our audience. We updated our strategies at every stage and worked efficiently to be the best. We have successfully completed Villa Vega and Villa Capella projects, and we are looking forward to seeing you in our new projects.