Mediterra - A sustainable Mediterranean village and modern life synthesis.

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Mediterra - A sustainable Mediterranean village and modern life synthesis.

In each project, Kıbrıs Developments maintains the key principles of tradition, culture, sustainability, and exceptional craftsmanship. In this issue, we are excited to introduce you to their newest project, MEDITERRA, a brand-new development that upholds these ideals and offers sustainable lifestyles...

The MEDITERRA housing project is developed by Kıbrıs Developments in Girne, Alsancak region. Inspired by the Mediterranean villages, it is designed as a project that carries the architectural and social heritage of Cyprus, revolving around two main axes, one hosting social activities and the other a cultivation area. The residential blocks with courtyards defining these axes and the passageways connecting these blocks are in a position directly related to the main axes. Villa blocks, on the other hand, are designed as detached structures within the site by being positioned along the valley.

MEDITERRA aims for a ‘modern village life’ that includes contemporary modernity

In MEDITERRA, where the Mediterranean lifestyle meets sustainable lifestyles, residents can experience a utopian reality. They can produce and collect their own organic food through a cultivation axis while improving their daily relationships in courtyards and shared social areas through a social axis. Kıbrıs Developments Project Development and Marketing Director Harper Özbirim explained they focused on three main pillars when designing the MEDITERRA project as a sustainable Mediterranean village in the heart of Northern Cyprus, and explained these pillars as follows:


Today, as we begin to experience the impact of global climate change, sustainability has become an emerging issue that everyone should consider. The main objective of the MEDITERRA project is to build a community that resists the passage of time, rather than becomes obsolete, and produces rather than consumes. The fact that the villages are the tiniest, most self-sufficient settlements is their most distinctive quality.

The MEDITERRA project aims to supply the orchards in its courtyards, the houses on the property, and the agricultural production on the main production axis with organic fresh fruit and vegetables. Cyprus’s climate is suitable for this, with appropriate irrigation and maintenance. We are developing the right approach to the village concept, which aims to achieve a sustainable life with solar panels on the terraces, agricultural production for the community, applications for garbage disposal, and encouraging the residents of the site to compost. For people who want to participate in this life without straying from the advantages of the city and modern structures, we offer a new life opportunity. 


“Belonging” is perhaps the most important word in a housing estate. Architecture has a significant impact on spatial belonging in this sense. The primary components of belonging are relationships and interaction. It is necessary to first construct spatial belonging by interacting with the space, prepare the ground for healthy interaction with the community and remember that the housing texture formed creates a community to construct belonging. MEDITERRA creates this look with edible elements of the landscape. The beds for agricultural production on the main cultivation axis meet the organic and fresh vegetable needs of the entire community, and allow households to participate physically if desired. This creates a focal point in the middle of the cultivation axis with the organic market and greenhouse, enabling all households to create a sense of belonging through common production. In addition to this production, the courtyard schemes of the residential blocks and the orchards in the middle of these courtyards aim to strengthen the sense of neighborhood by forming a smaller union.


Urban textures, long shaped by urban life and its various compositions of structures and spaces, are defined by historical processes. Patterns shaped by many cultural, climatic, and technological factors over time are also the unique urban textures of Cyprus. Today’s economy and technology allow for rapid, all-at-once urban interventions, instead of these historically developing urban parts. Our MEDITERRA housing project’s primary concept is to innovate our island’s urban development by incorporating this knowledge into its urban fabric. The complex is linked by streets and courtyards, similar to Cypriot settlements, which preserves the excitement of the historical urban fabric with unexpected openings and interrupted streets. The elevation differences in the land create a contemporary interpretation of the texture of Cyprus’s mountain villages.

1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments are available, as are 3- and 4-bedroom Pool Villa types in MEDITERRA, which consists of 28 blocks and 100 residences. The houses on the ground floor have their own private gardens, while the houses on the first floor have roof terraces. Furthermore, each block has a courtyard that can be used by all residents. MEDITERRA villas, located at the most beautiful point on the land, have private gardens and optional swimming pools right next to the valley. Forms and spaces that reflect the Mediterranean style maximize living comfort on the site, and there are also residential models with underfloor heating and central air conditioning. MEDITERRA, a 24/7 secure site, has a playground next to the cultivation axis. The fitness and yoga-Pilates studio is at the center of the social areas. In addition to the swimming pools for adults and children, sports activities such as a lap pool, tennis court, Bocce court, walking and bicycle paths, and social spaces such as an amphitheater offer residents a unique living environment.

Bank loan opportunities and interest-free payments to the company

In İşbank’s incomplete housing loan campaign, Turkish and TRNC banks can take out a loan of up to 80% of the value of the property with a 10-year maturity. In this scheme, those with European Union and European passports can take up to 65%, and those with Middle Eastern and Russian passports can take up to 50% as a loan. The company offers the opportunity to pay interest-free installments until the end of the project, within a certain payment plan.

MEDITERRA, located near Gave, Natura Spa & Wellness, beaches, hotels, restaurants, public and private schools, and in the center of the region, is an environmentalist, producing, and recycling project. A project created for those seeking a sustainable, transformational, shared life that fosters an organic bond between nature and people. MEDITERRA, surrounded by mountain, sea, and valley views, with the scent of lemon and orange trees, and its landscape and architecture creating a unique living space, reflects a true Mediterranean spirit that activates all the senses.