Tanyel Constructions' New Office

Tanyel Constructions' New Office

Tanyel Construction is now meeting clients at its new office located in Famagusta, on the city’s most vibrant Salamis road. Projects for sale in the Famagusta, Tuzla and the Karpasia areas are promoted and our clients, who are interested in making investments, have many options to choose from.

Tanyel Construction was founded in 1995 and has built hundreds of homes yet the largest thing it has created is trust, which can be seen on the happy faces of new homeowners. Customer satisfaction is their top priority and it is an ever-growing company.

By combining experience gained since 1995 with modern enhancements, the company offers its customers new and high quality houses such as Karpaz stone houses constructed in 1997 and Tuzla Sunlight cite completed in 2013. The company is proud to state that both projects were completed and keys were handed over to the new homeowners on the promised dates.

Jasmine Site, is the latest and most eye-catching project created by Tanyel Construction. The project have 65 houses in total. It is located away from the city but has easy access to the main roads leading to the city and also is 6-7 km away from many facilities. Tanyel Construction’s favourite project offers a peaceful lifestyle.

Tanyel Construction, states how importance nature is with each project. 300 olive trees were planted in the Karpaz stone houses complex and very old molasses trees were rooted and replanted carefully during construction.