Interview with Sir Parviz Pargari | Luxury Design with Pargari

Interview with Sir Parviz Pargari | Luxury Design with Pargari

Editors Note: Need to check also Propertync Magazine Issue 108 on digital platform for beautiful pictures about this interview... 

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Interior Designer, Sir Parviz Pargari, was born in Kermanshah, Iran. He moved to Los Angeles in 1989, where he studied at California State University, Northridge and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Interior and Architectural Design, followed by a master’s degree in Wood and Furniture Design.

In 2014, Pargari was awarded The Gusi Peace Prize, honouring his professional work and peaceful solutions through Interior Architectural and Furniture Design. According to California Homes Magazine, “Pargari’s accomplishments and achievements have made him a living paradigm emulated by many, not only in the United States of America, but also in his birth country Iran, throughout Asia and the International community.”

In October 2019, as an internationally known designer and philanthropist, as well as his devotion to peace and betterment which have furthered his achievements indelibly, he was formally commended for his peace-making legacy by being Knighted into the World Brother Chapter of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, the Philippines loyal guardians of peace and oldest Order for the nation, dating back to 1911. As an indoctrinated member, Pargari now wears the title of Sir Parviz Pargari.

We are so proud that he has been a member of the Propertync Awards judging panel for the Interior Design category for the past two occasions. During his last project visit in North Cyprus, he shared a few pictures of one of his Luxurious Mansion projects in Los Angeles and he promised that he will send all final photographs to us to be published in our magazine. Now, it’s time.

  • Where is this house and how did the landlords reach you? Did you make changes to an existing decoration or did it all start from the beginning?

The house is located in Bel-Air which is one of the upmarket areas in Los Angeles. I have known my clients Fariba and Michael Rad for many years because I designed their previous house, which was published in the Home & Decor magazine. It was their time to change to a new house. We had looked at several houses and we decided to purchase this one because I knew I could change it magnificently to a much better and high-end property. I changed all the original interior and exterior design, even moving the swimming pool to the back of the backyard.

  • Columns, steps, large windows... We get the signals of a luxurious life even before we go inside and we anticipate how it will look inside. In other words, interior design cannot be separated from exterior design, what do you think?

It is always the case that exterior design will define the interior, if the designer knows what he/she is doing. In this case, when I saw this house, I thought I should design it in a classic-modern style, both for the exterior and interior, so my client would have a new environment and can feel and enjoy the new house, having an open space design so they can enjoy the magnificent views they have. I created a family room for the house by adding an outdoor area and I designed all landscaping for both the front and back. The grand entry steps, columns, and balusters are made with French Limestone, all perfectly designed and installed. I wanted to have large windows and doors, especially in the family room and breakfast room, so by opening them up they will create an indoor/outdoor area for my client which will be more suitable for my client’s lifestyle where they regularly entertain.

  • What makes a design luxurious? Is it enough to use luxurious accessories to make a property a luxurious one?

In the design world I have been known as the “Creator of Luxurious Life”; which is the name of my book as well. When you are using the best materials such as stone, tiles, plumbing fixtures, fabrics, trims, furniture, lighting and many other items which are suitable for the project, all are perfectly selected and applied well, than you can call it ‘luxurious’. Accessorising the project with the proper objects is very essential and it allows the house to transform to a home.  

  • High ceilings, large windows, and carefully selected lighting units ...Talking about lighting, we would like to know the place of light in your designs?

One of the elements to create a luxurious house is to have a high ceiling and to design it well. I always pay extra attention to the electrical plan, and most of the time I even draw it myself; I would know the size of each chandelier and height of the sconces. I always calculate how many recess lights they would need in each ceiling and where to install all sconces. All those also show on my furniture layout plan. In this house I have used 42 chandeliers, 54 sconces, and a lot of recessed lighting; all carefully selected and installed. Even though they are different, they have a cohesive look. I also use table lamps in various rooms which create an overly dramatic and romantic lighting, which I love a lot. I also pay extra attention to ceiling design. For this house I decided to paint every room in white and have faux finish on few major ceilings. This way I was able to showcase my lighting fixtures to shine even more.

  • Can you please talk about the master bedroom as well as bathrooms and what kind of materials have you used? Also, we noticed that there are both a bathtub and a shower in each bathroom.

This mansion has a rather large master suite with a breath-taking view. In the sleeping area I have selected a custom bed from the Nancy Corzine Collection and nightstands by Michael Taylor Design. I also added a custom Limestone fireplace mantel as well as a custom bar to create a complete master suite. Also, I selected two chairs and a sofa are from Gregarious Pine with holly Hunt Fabric and D&L coffee table and Nancy Corzine bench to create a comfortable seating area. This master suite has ‘his and hers’ showers and wardrobes. In ‘her’ shower and wardrobe, granite slabs have been used for floor, TV wall and bathtub surrounding which artistically have been installed with all high-end tiles in the shower. I have designed a custom vanity and mirror with beautiful sconce. For ‘his’ master bathroom I selected an Italian tile for floor, custom vanity and mirror, and Thomas Lavin sconce. In my design, you can always find elements of surprise in every room. Here, just by creating separate showers and bathtubs, it makes the bathrooms more convenient to use and add a luxurious design.

  • Of course, in such a luxurious villa, people do not sit in the living room to watch television, instead there is a movie theatre ... Was it a special request or did you suggest it to the hosts? Are there any other hobby areas like this?

Well, first I have to say that I will never install a television in the living room; in the design world that is a big no no! In most houses I place the television in the family room which they will have in the house as well. A theatre room, in really big houses like this, is usually for watching movies, award ceremonies, and different types of sports on a big screen, with family or friends. There is also a billiard room and gym in this house.

  • We often encounter golden shimmer and shades, what can be said for colour use?

In this house I was creating a comfortable, peaceful, and yet elegant environment. All floors are Italian granite slab. All furniture and fabrics are custom made with various fellow furniture designers at Pacific Design Center. All brand name with highest quality, I brought a touch of colours with the lighting, painting, wall brackets and accessories. In the lower and upper entry, gold mirrors are adding lots of accent colours to the house. I designed the bar exclusively for this house by using brass, wood, stone, and mirror with beautiful lighting. The custom dining table with a veneer layout and high gloss finish, custom chairs, amazing chandelier and sconces on the wall, drapery and accent colour on the ceiling. In the kitchen, with two large islands, you are still able to see all accent colours on the back splash and lighting. Consequently, I brought not only a gold colour, but many other different accent colours to this mansion to create a luxurious life.

  • Let us get out into the garden now, it has comfortable and stylish details just like the interiors of the house, how did you work in this area?

As previously mentioned, I have known my clients for many years and I am familiar with their need of outdoor space. So, I decided to design the landscape for them as well. As we all know, exterior design must be like the interior design, you must have a living room, dining room, kitchen, lounge, and few special cosy areas as well. An amazing swimming pool design, creating dance floor, fire pit, Gazebo,  water ponds with fountains, and most importantly, the use of good furniture, which in this case all from the Janus et Cie showroom, with a harmony of colours, always helps to create a wonderful outdoor area to satisfy everyone.

  • You did mention of your book earlier, can you tell us about it?

Yes, of course, I finally finished designing my book and soon it will be going to a very well-known publishing company. In this book I take you on a journey of my professional life and my Interior Design Creation in many different styles, where all the photographs are by my good friend, who is for sure one of the top ten photographers in the  United States of America, Mary E. Nichols;  I could not have created this book without her. Hopefully, my book will be published by the end of the year and with the support of Propertync, I could have a book signing event here in Cyprus.