FARC (Famagusta Animal Rehoming Canines)

FARC (Famagusta Animal Rehoming Canines)

We are the volunteers from the Famagusta Dog Shelter and we have a few requests!

Our first request is for those who can adopt! Please adopt at least one of our handsome boys or beautiful princesses and save them from the difficult conditions of the shelter. It is very crowded here and looking after so many is hard. They will be forever grateful and offer you love for ever.

For those who are unable to adopt, please visit the shelter when you have the time and volunteer or help us if you can. We take them for walks, bath them frequently during the summer and sometimes even just saying hello makes them very happy and shows them they aren’t alone in the world.

If you are unable to adopt, or perhaps your working hours may not leave you enough time to volunteer, you could still help by sponsoring and supporting one of our animals. You remember the cute, little bundle you saw and liked the last time you came, the one you got along with so well, you could be their shelter sponsor. You can give it a name, help with food and medical treatments and watch it grow with regular photo updates sent to you.

Today there are some 400 dogs at the shelter. Every day the number of arrivals is higher than the number adopted and so far only three of our dogs have sponsors. We, as FARC, would like to invite everyone to our shelter. We want more people to see our lovely animals and hopefully offer them a forever home? If you are unable to visit, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook, read our posts and pass on our announcements. We look forward to your visit!