Interview with Directors of Emtan Construction | “Emtan West Park: It has an Exceptionally Beautiful Architecture!"

Interview with Directors of Emtan Construction | “Emtan West Park: It has an Exceptionally Beautiful Architecture!

Emtan Construction was established during the late 80’s and has been a construction company for 30 years. The company has completed many housing projects in the past and is now presenting us its latest project, Emtan West Park, located in Alsancak. As the Propertync Magazine, we visited Emtan Construction company directors Ragıp Tanlı and Tanol Tanlı to talk about the new project consisting of commercial and residential units.

  • Emtan Construction is a construction company well known for its innovative projects. Which projects have you completed in Kyrenia so far and what kind of innovations have you introduced to North Cyprus within these projects?

Emtan Towers was the first 10-storey project to be built in Kyrenia. Also, Emtan Prestige was the first residential project to use smart house systems. In our other projects, we combined the latest designs and materials, creating sustainability with high quality standards. With every new project we make improvements. In the last 6 years, the projects we have completed in Kyrenia are Emtan Towers, Emtan Prestige, Emtan Concept, Emtan Hilarion, Emtan Quattro, Emtan DeluxiaEmtan Green ParkEmtan Trio and Emtan Point.

Emtan’s history began in Limassol in 1958 and we are proud to have completed many important projects successfully in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Emtan Construction was established in the TRNC in 1988 and our grandfather, Tandoğan Tanlı who was a construction engineer, added his expertise to the company with the experience he gained while working in the construction sector in Limassol from 1958. After our father, Emin Tanlı (architect) from the second generation, brought the company forward by making it stronger and more successful. Now we, Ragıp Tanlı (architect) and Tanol Tanlı (construction engineer) are two brothers of the third generation of contractors and are taking the company into the future with our modern visions and global perspectives.
Emtan Construction has constructed and been contracted for many important projects in the city centre of Kyrenia and the surrounding areas such as Çatalköy and Alsancak since 1988. Besides villa, residence, cite and apartment projects, Emtan Construction has also completed many projects for private and state institutions.
Emtan has become the most trust-worthy, and most well respected construction company over the last 32 years by providing projects at high standards in different areas of North Cyprus. Since the day it was established, the company has worked without comprising its quality and honesty.
Our company has provided its services in North Cyprus for 32 years and aims to do better with each new project. Emtan believes clients and investors are a fundamental part of the company, therefore the company gives very high importance to high quality and long lasting structures. Based on the experience gained in the construction sector, our company believes it can keep its high standards and affordable prices by using up to date technology to its advantage. Our expert and experienced employees guarantee Emtan quality at every stage.

  • What does Emtan Construction generally give importance to in each project?

The areas used, materials and all technical details are theoretically resolved while designing the project and applied in the best way possible. We make sure projects are completed exactly as per the first designs and 3D drawings. Our company mission is to keep to deadlines and complete requirements in the time promised. Emtan gives the upmost importance to handing over title deeds on the date set for completion. Furthermore, after sales services for each project, as well as customer satisfaction, is also extremely important to us.

  • Which necessities have been included in the design of your new project Emtan West Park?

“Emtan West Park” is located to the West of Kyrenia in the Alsancak area. It is situated on the Kyrenia-Alsancak main road with both mountain and sea views. It is a project combined of commercial and residential units. There are 11 commercial units, which are multi-functional and are of different sizes. This beautifully and modern designed project is located on the main road and has private parking in the front. Its elegant architectural design and landscape has its privileges. Also, areas that can be used by physically disabled people have been designed with easy access to all social areas. Potential customer requirements and requests made to us complied of small double-storey villas with private gardens and terraces. Being close to the sea is the project’s greatest advantage. Moreover, the social areas included in the project will be providing extra services to the villa residents. Another great advantage of our project is the price and payment plans offered. Our project is located very near to Camelot Beach Club and other places providing everyday necessities. All commercial units included in the project have the same architectural design, nevertheless West Park has an exceptionally beautiful architecture with a modern and luxurious design.

  • Can you tell us about the 2+1 and 3+1 villas on sale at West Park and their prominent features?

In the project there are 20 double storey villas of which 14 are 2+1 and 6 are 3+1 each with mountain and sea views. The 2+1 villas are 124 m2 whereas the 3+1 villas are 165 m2. Each villa has its own private garden, garage and terrace. There are 3 bathrooms in the 3+1 villas because the main bedroom has an en-suite. As for the 2+1 villas, there are 2 bathrooms.

Prominent Features:
Steel Front Door
Multi-Inverter Air Conditioning in all rooms
First Class Fitted Kitchen, Melamine and Acrylux cupboards and Granite Sink
Italian Lapitec or similar Kitchen Worktop
Double Glazing Heat Insulated Aluminium
Fitted wardrobes in all bedrooms
Wooden Staircase
Suspended Ceilings
Wall hung toilet with concealed cistern
Washbasins with cabinets
Flat shower and tempered glass shower screen
Telephone network infrastructure
TV/Satellite infrastructure
Internet/Data infrastructure

  • Which market are you appealing to? What are your thoughts on how Covid-19 has affected the market and sales?

This project has appealed mostly to the Russian and British market but also local buyers have been attracted to the affordable prices and payment plans. Covid-19 did not affect us alone, it has affected the whole world. Other countries are still dealing with the pandemic and it is thought that the fight against this pandemic will continue for quite sometime. Our health is much more important than economy, trade, tourism and even the construction sector. Our health comes first but it is a fact that we have to learn to live with the pandemic in the TRNC and around the world, by taking necessary precautions. Predicting the future market after the pandemic is not an easy task. This is a global process and we will see the outcome when the time comes. We have created 3 different plans to overcome this process and have come to a decision as a company on how to apply these strategies. We will carry out our plans according to the conditions and situation of the market. Based on present conditions, we think it will take at least a year to regain our position before Covid-19. This is not only true for the construction sector but also for other sectors as well. Everyone should take precautions and make preparations accordingly. We believe it will take longer to completely recover in the TRNC than it will in other developed countries. We have continuously stayed in contact with investors and clients during this process and have discussed how we will overcome difficulties together. We have provided them with easier payment plans and flexibility. We are proud to say that none of our clients have cancelled their contracts. Due to the fact that flights to the island have not yet been reopened, all project sales and promotions have been carried out online. Crisis situations can be seen as an opportunity and can be transformed into an advantage.