Everything is Possible with a Modest Office Enironment

Everything is Possible with a Modest Office Enironment

We visited a new Real Estate Office in Nicosia, called Triotime, and met its three directors, Tuğçe, Tunç and Hasan. It is a very modest but elegantly designed office. Each member of the team has worked in the real estate market for quite some time and have their own personal style and skillset and now they are co-partners at this office. Although they have a few meeting rooms to accommodate clients, they prefer to carry out most of their meetings and entertain friends in the kitchen with a view of the garden. The kitchen is nicknamed ‘Triotime Coffee’.

We asked Ms Tuğçe Tanay to tell us a bit about the company and its members. “Triotime Real Estate Ltd is a Real Estate agency opened in February 2020 by myself, Tunç Aybars and Hasan Demirsu. Before this, we had all worked together for four and a half years at a corporate property consultancy, then we decided to make things official and create our own brand and what an excellent decision it was. We gave high importance to every detail of the office design while bringing it to life. We were aiming for elegance, yet modesty, at the same time; we wanted clients to feel at home. We wanted to move away from a classic office approach and chose each furniture piece carefully. We tried to create a distinctive setting with distinguished accessories, art and flowers. Our office can be found in the Metehan district of Nicosia. We would very much like to discuss the latest news and best opportunities offered in the property sector with you over a cup of traditional Cypriot coffee”.

Tuğçe Tanay is an expert in Sales and Marketing. Born in 1986 in İstanbul, she graduated from the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management at Boğaziçi University. She has combined her 16 years of experience in the tourism sector with 5 years in the property sector and offers a professional, solution oriented advice to clients.

Tunç Aybars is a Real Estate Management and Development Consultant. After graduating from the department of Econometrics at Ankara University, he worked for many years in the Sales, Marketing and Service sector. He has been working in the property sector since 2016 and has been offering trust, sincerity and information based services to his clients.

The Real Estate Contract and Legal Processes Expert, Hasan Demirsu, was born in 1984 in Nicosia. He pursued his career after graduating from NEU Law. He gained experience in the Sales, Marketing and Law sectors. “It is vital to create good relationships in the property sector based on trust, while providing professional services to my clients,” he says.