Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member of the is an extra benefit given to the “Paid in Advance” clients of the Propertync Magazine. Every client will receive a username and password for their membership from
the month they advertise with the magazine. For anyone other than advertising clients, membership requests or information can be provided by
has all the rights to shut down or put an end to any memberships on the website.

What would be the benefits of advertising on the

The website is connected to the Propertync Magazine. Propertync is the TRNC’s most relevant and popular magazine in the property and real estate sector.
Thereby advertising with the website means reaching a wide range of the community.

What is the membership fee?

Website membership is free to all Propertync Magazines advertising clients. For separate memberships, everyone will be able to receive help from

What is the login dashboard page useful for? 

Once your username and password is put in correctly, the Dashboard page will open. Here you can manage your properties.

How can I get help if I have any questions regarding the website?

You can always reach us from either the HELP section or by emailing us at

How can I find the company information that represents each property?

All information regarding any property can be reached by double-clicking on it. By doing this a page with all information about the property, the company that owns it and its location can be seen.