Uniting Forces for Deja Blue

Uniting Forces for Deja Blue

Century 21 Island has become the authorised agent for Evergreen Developments’ new project Deja Blue.

Evergreen Developments Sales Manager, Erdem Yunusoğlu, stated that they feel delighted with the global power of the Century 21 brand supporting them with this project, built in Bahçeli to the West of Kyrenia, and just 100 m away from the sea. He talked about the work they are doing and how they continued to work with digital presentations while the borders have been closed due to the pandemic. He expressed that as things return to normal they will be making progress with their own efforts and the services provided by Century 21 Island.

Century 21 Island master franchise office Founder Director, Kağan Semavi, said that he is very happy with the agreement they have signed with Evergreen Developments and added that he understands the advantages of working with a large contractor who has projects all over North Cyprus and the importance of being the only authorised agent for a beautiful project such as Déjà Blue. Both companies agree that there will be a high level of interest in this project after Century 21 launches it on its global network.

You can look through the project details from a Century 21 Island perspective at propertync.com.