​Simultaneous Online and Open House Event, Organised for Natura

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​Simultaneous Online and Open House Event, Organised for Natura

Kıbrıs Developments aims to become a leading company in the property sector. It builds private living spaces with an innovative approach and has 35 years of experience. It has also become quite famous for its open house events. At the open house event for Kıbrıs Developments’ signature villa project, Natura V5 show-house, a number of extinguished guests attended and the event was streamed live on digital platforms. The event took two days in total with live presentations carried out the day before.
The event was live on social media platforms in order to allow for the inclusion of foreign investors, those who could not be physically present due to the travel restrictions brought about by the worldwide pandemic. Both online participants and those present were extremely impressed with Natura.
Construction of Natura began in October 2019, although there was a pause in the construction because of the pandemic, residences are still scheduled to be handed over to their owners in December 2020 as promised.
Like the other prestigious, award winning projects, built by Kıbrıs Developments, Natura is of the highest quality. The project consists of 68 units with 11 detached villas and 57 semi-detached villas and flats. It offers alternative floor plans and 3 different interior design concepts, such as Modern, Mediterranean and Nordic. There are also a rich variety of social activities, including a SPA, wellness centre and vitamin bar, Jacuzzi, children’s and adults’ swimming pool and an indoor pool.

At the open house event for the Natura show-house, Project Design and Marketing Manager, Harper Özbirim, was the perfect host to those guests present, whilst simultaneously talking with online participants. He pointed out that as a company they focus on high quality services, aim to complete environmentally friendly projects and the principle of sustainability is fundamental in every project. He added that they have expanded the building quality and chose materials from the highest areas of design products. Özbirim mentioned the fact that digital platforms need to be used in the world of business more effectively as a result of technology spreading to every element of our lives. “Especially during the pandemic, we wanted to reach foreign investors interested in our project, therefore besides organizing an open house event where people could physically attend, we also streamed the event live online so that everyone could feel as if they were here with us. This was the property sector’s first online live, open house event and we were very happy with the positive feedback we received. We are preparing to use technology more often in other areas of our company to create applications which will negate distances and bring our clients closer” said Özbirim.
The importance given to detail was reflected in the show-house and the suppliers, Line Décor, Interior Designer Nigar Yılmaz, and Mepaş Ltd Director, Mehmet Hafızoğlu, both of whom attended the open house event. They expressed their gratitude in collaborating with Kıbrıs Developments on the Natura project and added how happy they were to see their exclusive materials come together in the final product. Propertync Magazine and Awards Director, Mehmet Kozansoy, and Susanne Rey, who is one of the homeowners from Natura, said that when compared with the original 3D drawings of the villa, the show-house was exactly as envisaged and had probably turned out even better than expected. Susanne Rey expressed how important it is to deliver on what is promised in a project and it is because of this she can put her trust in Kıbrıs Developments. Meanwhile Mehmet Kozansoy said he believes Natura will be a strong competitor at the 2021 Propertync Awards. Also present was Türkiye İş Bankası TRNC Country Manager, Serhan Akşahin, attending on behalf of the bank which is supporting the Natura project by providing mortgage loans. He also expressed how glad the bank were to work together with a leading company in the sector such as Kıbrıs Developments.
Located in the Alsancak area of Kyrenia, within walking distance of the beach, Natura is next to the Kıbrıs Town Houses project and is near the Alsancak National Park. The project has both mountain and sea views and is surrounded by green forests. The Natura houses were inspired by Mediterranean architecture and also reflect the bountiful nature of the area. They were designed to blend into their surroundings and make spending time in the open even more enjoyable. By means of using unique architecture, interior designs, colours, open areas and pergolas, the company tried to create an organic bond with Cypriot traditions and aimed to strengthen the connection with the surrounding natural elements and with the social areas, balconies, gardens and terraces offering up the panoramic views.

The location of the Natura project offers owners the same privileges as Kıbrıs Town Houses. At the junction of both projects you will find the Village Square and ‘Gave’ which has become most popular lately. What’s more, after meetings concluded with the Alsancak municipality, it has been decided that a public road will be built from Natura to the Alsancak National Park. Residents will be able to walk to the park and then down to the public beach. Lastly the project is just 9 km from the city and is a 10-minute walk or a 5-minute drive from everyday necessities.

For detailed information on the Natura project visit www.kibrisdevelopments.com and www.naturacyprus.com or visit our sales and information offices.