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Frequently Asked Questions

Propertync Awards Gala Night is a glimmering night to remember for all those participated in the Awards Competition. The Gala-Night is a very special black-tie event where the winners of the competition come together to celebrate the results of the competition. The event aims to create networking opportunities and media coverage for winners.
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We have registered. What do we do now?

COMPILING YOUR PORTFOLIO Once you have been successfully registered, you can start building your portfolio for the category or categories you have applied after you download the criteria booklet for the category/categories you have chosen. The criteria booklet contains details about the criteria and marking process for that category. Once you send us the registration form, we will send you your entry pack. Included in the entry pack is your entry form. This is where you will provide the basic information about your entry. When putting your portfolio together, it’s a good idea to follow the flow of the criteria. This will help to make sure you have covered all of the criteria and makes it easier for our judges to follow. Remember you can also attach physical examples in your entry such as marketing material. Designing your entry to follow the flow of the entry criteria will help ensure you have covered every point. You may lose points if criteria are missed, regardless of whether your project fulfills them. Please submit your entry no later than the submission date. Late entries cannot be accepted.

Once the PORTFOLIO is ready, what should we do?

SENDING YOUR ENTRY Once you’re satisfied with your entry, you need to send it to our office. There are very strict submission deadlines, so it’s a good idea to send in your entry as early as possible.

How do judges assess the portfolios?

JUDGING SESSIONS We have a panel of expert judges all over the world. Each judge is allocated entries which match their areas of expertise. Your entry will be judged against every criteria point for that category and given a grade for each criteria point. After this, each judge may make notes to justify their scoring. Designing your entry to follow the flow of the entry criteria will help ensure you have covered every point. You may lose points if criteria are missed, regardless of whether your project fulfills them. Then the judges’ visits to the contestants begin. You will be contacted by one of our team to discuss the date and time of the visits. The judges will expect you to present the property or project you have applied to the awards for. Questions will be asked before they review their notes on the entry portfolio you have submitted earlier.

How does the SCORING work?

SCORING Once all of the entries have been judged, the judges’ scores are totalled and a percentage score is calculated for each entry. The final percentage score for your entry will decide if you win an award or not. It will also decide if your award will be Gold or Platinum (the highest award available). For each category, the highest-scoring Platinum winner is automatically awarded the Platinum award for their category. The percentage scoring system sometimes means that a category may have no Gold or Platinum winners. In the event that no entries meet the required standard, no awards will be given.

Do Propertync Magazine announce the winners prior to the Gala night ?

Propertync Awards winners will only be announced at the Gala night.

We would like to register but if we don't get awarded, we would like the name of our company to be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

The names of our contestant companies are strictly confidential to the Propertync Magazine. All Staff working for Propertync Magazine and all the judges sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT for this purpose. We assure you that the name of your company will be kept confidential.

We would like to register to more than one category with the same project. Is this possible?

If you claim that your project deserves an AWARD in more than one category, then feel free to register to as many related categories as you wish.

We are not sure which category our project/development/etc. fits into. Can someone help please?

Please call our office and let us know. We will direct the nearest sales person to your company to guide you on that.

When will the judges visit us?

Different from the previous years, the judging team will do random visits with no prior notice. You will be notified of the week but you won’t be given details about the day and time. Judging visits will be RANDOM. So, that ,means, you won’t necessarily be visited for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Gala Night

20 November, 2016
When is the Propertync Awards Gala Night this year?

Propertync Awards Gala Night will be on 20 November at Cratos Premium Hotel in Kyrenia.

Are tickets still available ?

Yes. You can either contact a sales person for the tickets (Steve Mortimer) or buy your tickets online.

Is there a dress-code?

Yes, there is. The Gala night is a strictly black-tie event. No ties, jeans or children are allowed.

What are the starting timings of the Gala-night?

Propertync Awards will start with a Champagne reception at 19:00.

Is smoking allowed?

We are sorry, but smoking is strictly prohibited at the venue.

We would like to stay at the Hotel on the night of the Gala. Can you make the reservation?

Please contact the Reception of the Cratos Premium Hotel for your reservations. Thank you.

How can we get the photos of the night?

We can help you on that. Please contact our sales person, and they will be happy to help you.


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