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The Propertync Awards is a real opportunity to give those that excel in their field in the North Cyprus Property Industry, the recognition they deserve.

It has already been 2 years since the 5th Propertync Awards… During this time, new buildings were constructed, new projects started ,incredible changes have been made in the property industry of North Cyprus. With all these developments, we have increased the number of categories to allow more companies the chance of entering. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on which category is suitable for your company or project. We would be happy to help you .



1 Best Residential Development
2 Best Residential Highrise Complex
3 Best Luxury Villa
4 Best Proposed New Project
5 Best Builder
6 Best Penthouse
7 Best Apartment
8 Best Interior Design – Residential
9 Best Interior Design- Commercial
10 Best Sales Team
11 Best Landscape Design
12 Best Dormitory Project
13 Best Developer
14 Best Property Developer Website
15 Best Real Estate Agency Website
16 Best Estate Agency
17 Best Marketing Campaign
18 Best Seafront Development
19 Best Kitchen of the Year
20 Best Bathroom of the Year
21 Best Highrise Architectural Design
22 Best Renovation
23 Best Modular Design
24 Best Residential Commercial Complex
25 Best Industrial Design
26 Best Campus
27 Best Educational Building
28 Best Socio-cultural Development
29 Best Sustainable Development
30 Best Functional House
31 Best Hotel Architecture
32 Best Hotel Landscape Design
33 Best Hotel Interior Design
34 Best Hotel Spa
35 Best Renewable Energy Project
36 Best Estate Agency Franchise
37 Best Commercial Project
38 Innovation of the Year
1 En İyi Rezidans Projesi
2 En İyi Yüksek Rezidans Kompleksi
3 En İyi Lüks Villa
4 En İyi Yeni Proje Tasarımı
5 En İyi İnşaat Şirketi
6 En İyi Penthouse
7 En İyi Apartman Dairesi
8 En İyi İç tasarım- Rezidans
9 En İyi İç tasarım-Ticari Mekan
10 En İyi Satış Ekibi
11 En İyi Peyzaj Tasarımı
12 En İyi Yurt Projesi
13 En İyi Müteahhitlik Şirketi
14 En İyi Müteahhitlik Şirketi Websitesi
15 En İyi Emlak Acentesi Websitesi
16 En İyi Emlak Acentesi
17 En İyi Pazarlama Kampanyası
18 En İyi Sahil Evleri Sitesi
19 Yılın En İyi Mutfağı
20 Yılın En İyi Banyosu
21 En İyi Yüksek Mimari Tasarımı
22 En İyi Yapı Renovasyonu
23 En İyi Modüler Yapı
24 En İyi Ticari-Rezidans kompleksi
25 En İyi Endüstriyel Yapı
26 En İyi Kampüs
27 En İyi Eğitim Binası
28 En İyi Sosyo-Kültürel Yapı
29 En İyi Sürdürülebilir Yapı
30 En Fonksiyonel Ev
31 En İyi Otel Mimarisi
32 En İyi Otel Peyzaji
33 En İyi Otel İç tasarımı
34 En İyi Otel Spa’sı
35 En İyi Yenilenebilir Enerji Projesi
36 En İyi Emlak Acentesi Franchise
37 En İyi Ticari Proje
38 Yılın İnnovasyonu
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