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The Propertync Awards are open to all companies that have contributed to the Construction and Estate sector in North Cyprus, such as, developers, builders, estate agents, interior designers, architects and many more.
The Propertync Awards celebrate the highest levels of achievement by companies operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. A Propertync Award is undoubtedly a mark of excellence. The aim of the Awards is not only to show appreciation to everyone that has made a difference and contributed to the development in North Cyprus, but also to encourage these people to achieve awareness of quality, materials and work ethics used by the building sector.

Participants enter at their relevant categories and are judged by a highly experienced team of professionals who cover the whole range of property disciplines. Companies are then invited to attend a glittering awards dinner and have the right to use the prestigious logo in their marketing if they win a Propertync Award.

The ‘Awards’ are given for the quality of design, construction and presentation of individual projects and property developments, interiors, architecture and marketing.

In the criteria, it is obvious that the highest standards are aimed for, not just for the buyers but also to motivate all staff and companies devoted to making a change for their country. A lot of detail is included into the criteria, therefore all contestants will have a chance to show their success and expertise in their own field.

Propertync Awards Overview

An overview of the Propertync Awards Ceremony

Networking Opportunities

Our gala and networking events allow our award winning developers, architects, real estate and property consultants and interior designers to meet each other and form new business relationships and partnerships.

Benefits of Winning

You have made your best efforts to build the best developments, so you’re entitled to the best awards system we can offer. We believe in fair judgment for all and transparency of process. Indeed, your achievements in the real estate industry are too vital to the growth of our country for you to settle for anything but the most detailed and fairest awards system. That’s why all shortlisted companies, whether you’re a Platinum Award Winner or a Gold Award winner, are justly rewarded and recognized and are eligible to receive an array of exclusive packages that include the benefits listed in the 'Benefit of Winning' page.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Custom-built sponsorship packages are perfect for associating your brand with the prestigious Propertync Property Awards events.


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